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Bev Heaven

Bev Heaven encompasses the cocktail culture at Prescott Station. The Bev Heaven menus feature more than 250 highly rated wines and 100 unique beer selections. The spirits books contain full flavor profiles, photos of the bottles, and ratings from industry experts, with offerings of more than 50 whisky, 50 scotch, 13 gin, 30 vodka, 20 rum, and 35 cognac/port selections. We have created a selection of signature cocktail recipes or order your favorite drink and pair it with one of these premium spirits.

Wine, beer and spirit connoisseurs will enjoy browsing the Bev Heaven books, which feature a variety of hard-to-find, lesser known offerings. Those who are looking to expand their cocktail horizons will be pleased to know these far superior selections are often the same price, if not less than their well-known competitors.

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Bev Heaven Book

Bev Heaven Spirits Program

Additionally, the Bev Heaven spirits program was launched as a separate division, available for execution at any restaurant, resort, or golf club. A customizable package, Bev Heaven eliminates the countless hours of research and upkeep needed to elevate a beverage program and create a distinguishing point of difference for restaurants and bars.

Bloody Mary cocktail with tomatoes

Various martinis

Various mixed cocktails

Bottle filling a glass of wine